Car Safety Tips For Edina Winters

Now that winter is just about here, it is important that you start getting your car ready for the ice and snow and also brush up on your winter driving skills. Driving in the ice can be scary and driving in the deep snow isn’t very fun either. When your car is fishtailing down the street, you might find that you are feeling pretty uncomfortable.

The first place to start is with getting your car ready for the winter. Fill your windshield fluid reservoir with de-icing windshield cleaner. It won’t freeze and it will help you see easier during frosty mornings.

You also want to switch over to winter tires if you are going to be doing a lot of driving. If you aren’t planning on driving that much when the weather is especially bad you could get away with all-season tires, but when the weather really gets bad you are going to want a good set of winter tires if you are going to be doing a lot of driving.

Make sure to check your oil and coolant levels and you might want to get a tune-up if the money in the budget. This is a good time to get out the snow brush and the ice scraper. A good snow brush will make it easier to clean the snow off your car in the morning and it will be gentle on the paint. An ice scraper is essential as it can quickly scrape the ice off the windshield while you are warming up the car.

If you forget the ice scraper or need one when you are out, you can use a credit card in a pinch to clear the ice off your windshield. You might also want to invest in a de-icing spray to melt the ice quickly on your windshield. Ice makes it impossible to see and your defroster won’t work well until the car is warmed up which could take a while.

If you want to speed up the engine warming part of your morning, you could think about getting an engine warmer. This will make it easier to start your car in the morning. Don’t forget to check your battery as well. Cold mornings drain your battery and if your battery is already weak, you might find that your car won’t even start in the morning. It might be time to replace your battery.